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Our Happy Beginnings

We call ourselves Grin Events for many reasons, but the main one is we love making our clients smile.

Plus, our founder’s name has the word “Grin” in it.

From a young age, John Grindle, loved to play games. He quickly realized he also loved to bring people together to have fun. He was the friend you wanted at your birthday party or wedding because you knew he would make sure everyone was having a great time.

Now, he’s dedicated his life to helping others connect in meaningful ways because he knows play is one of the best ways to get people engaged with each other. That, and he always wanted to get paid to have fun.

People Passionate About Play

Grin Events John

John Grindle

Chief Purveyor of Fun

Grin Events Allie

Allie Dudash

Chief Organizer + Team Glue

Grin Events Philip

Philip Ongert

The Ultimate Entertainer

Grin Events Mackenzie

Mackenzie Fultz

Friendly Fun Officer

All work and no play...well, you get it

While Jack might be a dull boy, your workforce doesn’t have to be! Studies show play decreases stress, improves brain function, and stimulates creativity. To top it off, we know play is a great way to build connections with other people.

That’s why Grin Events specializes in non-work, fun-filled activities like the well-known game shows we host with humor and professionalism. We think it’s pretty simple – play leads to connection, connection leads to happier workers, and happier workers lead to a better company.

Now that’s something to smile about.

Our Core Values






Our Proven Process







Ready to get your grin on?

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