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Add This Fun Benefit to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

Add This Fun Benefit to Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

Today’s most talented job candidates are looking for more than just a fair compensation package and good benefits when it comes to their corporate experience. They are also looking for meaning and connection. A team building company can help you offer at least a piece of this to current and future employees with some fun as an added benefit. Here’s how.

Changing Your Recruitment Efforts

As a hiring manager seeking to make your recruitment efforts successful, you should approach the situation from a fresh perspective. Ask yourself what this generation of employees is interested in and what they value in a job and workplace.

A company benefits package that includes fun team social events can help organizations in their recruitment efforts. Adding regular fun team building events to their benefits packages can aid their recruitment efforts in a highly competitive job market. Here’s how a team building company can positively impact your workplace with immediate and long-term advantages.

The Shift

Recent studies have found that there has been a shift in what highly qualified candidates want from their employer. They still want a traditional package of benefits, but they’re also looking for something more. These individuals place a great deal of value on maintaining a work-life balance and having positive experiences at work.

Many candidates are looking beyond the traditional benefit packages and considering corporate culture, including how employees enjoy working there and what the company has to offer for team building. Partnering with a team building company can help your enterprise create an environment where highly qualified candidates are interested in competing for your job openings.

The reason for such a shift is that we spend a significant chunk of our life in the workplace. It’s important to candidates that it’s not an “all work, no play” environment. Building strong teams through fun activities and events can be beneficial to both the company and the individual.

Employees want to feel connected to the business and to the people they work with. A team building company can help with both. Simple steps like making your employees feel like their opinions count can decrease the turnover rate by about 27% while improving productivity by 12% (source: Gallup article), and facilitating opportunities for staff to develop personal connections across departments improves camaraderie.

Virtual Team Building Activities

An established, professional team connecting company will have a variety of virtual team building activities that your workplace can utilize. It will improve your business’ recruitment efforts and keep current employees continuously engaged.

Virtual team building activities can include game shows based on popular well-known ones such as these offered by Grin Events: What Is the Price, Wheel of Prizes, Friendly Feud, Parody!, and Name That Tune. With a virtual host to guide you and your employees through each activity, everyone will get to participate and bond over a fun game and a laugh.

Benefits of Team Building Activities

The services of a team building company will come in handy in more ways than one for companies of all different industries and sizes. Not only will your employees remain engaged and have fun while they partake in these team building activities, but there are several other benefits that both new and existing employees will enjoy.

Benefits of team building activities include improved communication, enhanced productivity, the development of meaningful connections, and enhanced collaboration. All employees, whether they’ve been working together for a few days or a few years, will get to know each other better and break down the barriers that divide them. They’ll be able to make a stronger connection with the peers they work with that will carry over into their day to day work relationships.

Hiring a team building company to engage your employees will help sell your company as a fun place to work. Plus, it can elbow out the competition for the top candidates you desire to hire. Learn more today by contacting our team at Grin Events, an expert team building company that offers in-person and hybrid team building events in San Diego, and virtual team connecting services across the world!