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What’s the New Normal for Team Connecting?

With the decreasing threat of COVID-19, more companies are starting to ask their employees to return to work, and not everyone is excited about this. How do companies intentionally build their culture in our new normal?
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5 Reasons Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Two years ago, our team at Grin Events couldn't have predicted how popular and effective virtual events can be, but now we believe they're here to stay.
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The In N Out Way

Team Building the “In-N-Out” Way

Unlike many other companies in our industry, we want to do the opposite and focus on a few things we do really well - just like our favorite fast food joint, In-N-Out.
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From Team Building to Team Connecting

We take team building up to team connecting™, a whole new deeper level of connecting.
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team connecting

How to Build Trust in a Team

Connecting your team, fostering trust and open communication, and overcoming the divide from remote working is crucial in today's world.
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hybrid team building

Building a Resilient Team

Coach, encourage, and connect your staff in the following ways to build a strong, reliable team that supports its members through challenges.
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