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Does Team Building Really Work?

We’re busting the myth that Team Connecting (aka team building) events are only effective for certain types of people.
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A Day of Fun with Veterans Alliance

Behind the Grins: A Day Of Fun With Veterans Alliance

Spring is the perfect season to focus on the Forming stage of group dynamics and games are an ideal way to let people get to know each other. Take it from our client, Veterans Alliance.
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Lessons about Company Culture from Coach John Wooden

It’s March Madness season so we looked to legendary UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden for some advice on building healthy team cultures.
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What Punxsutawney Phil Can Teach Us About Company Culture

Groundhog Day reminds us to get out of our team building rut and infuse some new activities that connect us through fun. Spring is the perfect time to revamp your culture mix!
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The Best Time To Invest In Your Team Is Now

While New Year’s is a popular time to resolve to improve your personal health, we also think it’s the perfect time to improve your company’s health, even with the possibility of a recession.
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A Year To Smile About

Happy Holidays from our team to yours as we recount a few of the memories that made us smile this year.
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