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Grin Events Articles

A Better Way To Give Back (and Connect Your Team)

Grin Events offers a unique way to plan corporate social responsibility (CSR) events that combine Team Connecting, fun, and giving back - three of our favorite things!
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Are Your Corporate Events Fun or Filler?

If you don’t intentionally plan corporate events with connection in mind, they might feel like “filler” to check a box on your culture-building list.
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Connecting Through Core Values

Lots of companies have stated core values but how many of them are actually using them in meaningful ways? We talk about the values that guide our team and how we’re leaning in.
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Hit A Grand Slam With Team Connecting

Summertime means baseball season and we have a lot to learn about Team Connecting from these professionals.
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Does Team Building Really Work?

We’re busting the myth that Team Connecting (aka team building) events are only effective for certain types of people.
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A Day of Fun with Veterans Alliance

Behind the Grins: A Day Of Fun With Veterans Alliance

Spring is the perfect season to focus on the Forming stage of group dynamics and games are an ideal way to let people get to know each other. Take it from our client, Veterans Alliance.
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