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Why The New Normal Is Awesome

It might sound a little wacky, but we think the pandemic created a “new normal” that is better for companies and their teams. In fact, it’s awesome!
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Behind the Grins: The Importance of a Happy Team

Our philosophy that work can and should be fun starts first and foremost with our own team.
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The Ultimate Lemonade Stand for (Corporate) Summer Fun

Like the stands we see in neighborhood corners during the summer, we believe teams and corporate cultures can turn lemons into lemonade with just one key ingredient.
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3 Ways to Shift from the Great Resignation to the Great Retention

The Great Resignation taught companies business as usual was not working. So how do organizations evolve to attract new talent and retain their existing workforce? Here are 3 ways to make a change and start a new era of the Great Retention.
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What’s the New Normal for Team Connecting?

With the decreasing threat of COVID-19, more companies are starting to ask their employees to return to work, and not everyone is excited about this. How do companies intentionally build their culture in our new normal?
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5 Reasons Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Two years ago, our team at Grin Events couldn't have predicted how popular and effective virtual events can be, but now we believe they're here to stay.
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