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Grin Events San Diego | A team building exercise taking place in a conference room.

Connect Your Remote and Office-Based Workforce with Hybrid Team Building Events

Connect Your Remote and Office-Based Workforce with Hybrid Team Building Events

Team bonding is a crucial aspect for the success of any growing organization, which is why your company’s culture might need the help of a corporate team building service. In our new normal, many teams find themselves split between the office and working from home making it necessary to adjust the structure of team connecting events. As Team Connecting experts, we have some great ideas about how to connect your hybrid teams.

Team Building Idea: Host A Virtual Game Show

When it comes to team building, nothing strengthens bonds like some friendly competition, and a virtual game show is a great way to foster this kind of team building. These games can take place after your normal working hours, during a lunch break, or during a scheduled team meeting, with in-office staff participating in-person while remote staff participate virtually. Here are a few of the favorite Grin versions of popular games we love to host:

  • What Is the Price? For this game, you’ll have your employees guess the correct price of different popular items. Whoever gets the closest without overestimating wins!
  • Wheel of Prizes. For this game, there are several categories determined beforehand. For each turn, you’ll get to know the category, and as each letter appears, your teams will try to guess what the complete word or phrase is. Whoever gets it correct first wins!
  • Friendly Feud. For this remote team building idea, you and your coworker teammates will try to guess the top five answers to different questions that were posed to 100 people.
  • Parody! This game combines trivia as well as audio and visual questions to test your team’s knowledge of fun trivia as well as pop culture.

These team bonding games come standard with our Grin Events virtual corporate team building service. So if you’re interested in having professionals plan, host, and facilitate a hybrid event that will allow your team to play any or all of these games, get in touch with us today.

Team Building Activity: Name That Tune

For this team bonding activity, you’ll need to determine song categories, pick songs in advance, and list out the song and artist information. During the game, you’ll have someone play a song, and your employees will try to guess what the name of the song is as well as the artist who wrote or performed it. Bonus points are awarded for knowing the lyrics as well as for singing along.

At Grin Events, our corporate team building service can feature all of these fun virtual games and more. We can plan, facilitate, and emcee both in-person team connecting events, hybrid events, and fully virtual team bonding activities. If you’re interested in our services, make sure to get in contact with our team connecting professionals today.