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Hitting the Easy Button: Connecting Your Team Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

The Need For Connection

As the months of social distancing, distance learning, and distributed workforces continues, companies realize the greater need to intentionally foster connection between their teams and people. Our regular Zoom/MS Teams/GoToMeeting/[fill in the blank] meetings can not replace seeing each other in the hallways and going to lunch or happy hours together. We crave connection more than ever.

The good news is more business leaders and owners recognize the need to close this social connection gap and task their executive admins or internal HR folks to “come up with a fun event” for the company. Maybe you are that person. 

This is a daunting task for most, especially in a virtual world … but it doesn’t have to be.

Our Three Goals

For our clients tasked with planning a fun virtual event, we always have the same three goals:

  1. Make sure all participants have fun
  2. Make your job easy
  3. Make your boss happy

The second point is of utmost importance. One of our clients, Steve Long from Dome Construction, recently told us, “Working with you is like hitting the easy button. You take care of all the hard, heavy lifting. It seems like an elaborate event our organization has put on, but really, we just picked the date and time and Grin took care of the rest.”

So while companies can hire event planners or third-party organizers, the reality is they sometimes add an unnecessary layer of complexity. Cut out the middleman and work directly with experts like us to bring the fun.

At Grin, we like to say, “Tell us the day, time, and number of people. We’ll take care of the rest.” 

How Easy It Is To Work With Us

When you hire us, here’s what happens:

  1. You pick a date and time.
    We confirm availability and send you a Zoom link.
  2. You promote it internally.
    We help with promotional materials (if wanted).
  3. You and your team show up.
    We do too.
  4. Everyone has a great time (check out our Google reviews).
    We do too (click on this video to watch a demo).

Come On Down!

It might seem crazy, but it really is that simple. When you’re ready to connect your team in a comfortable, high-energy way with little-to-no effort on your end, give us a call and let us “come up with a fun event” for you!

Email us at or talk to a live human at 619-976-4746!