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Recharge Your Team through In-Person Games & Friendly Competition

Recharge Your Team through In-Person Games & Friendly Competition

Teams are likely to have members with different passions and interests, which can pose a challenge when finding a social activity that everyone will enjoy. A good team building company can help you come up with ideas that will liven up your event, strengthen employee bonds, and boost morale. Here are a few ideas for games and friendly competitions to get you started.

Taco & Trivia Tuesday

This is a combination of a few favorite office events, and you can create many variations from this idea. Start off by bringing the whole team in and hosting a session during which they bond over trivia games and tacos with all the toppings. You can involve work-related trivia so everyone can join in on the fun or take polls on which trivia categories to feature prior to the event. In-person bonding over a delicious meal and the shared experience of team trivia is a surefire way to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves.

Holiday Themed Games

For team building activities when there’s a holiday around the corner, you can ramp up the fun at the planned office holiday party with some friendly games. This also adds in some amiable competition, which can improve employee and guest engagement. Brainstorming, prepping and emceeing a game during the office party can be stressful for the individual tasked with the job. Instead, it’s often beneficial to use professional in-person team building services to bring in fresh ideas, plan the games, and facilitate fun competitions during the party. This also ensures you get a continuous flow of ideas to make sure you have new games each holiday season, while eliminating the stress of planning.

Deductive Reasoning Games

If you’re looking for another set of fun team activities, there are quite a few games that test deductive reasoning skills in engaging and hilarious ways. One popular game that never goes out of style is Clue, and another good idea is Pictionary. Fun, but challenging activities will help all members connect and bond more easily, without pressure. This will encourage better performance as research has shown that bringing team members closer together may reduce feelings of isolation, which are 21% higher among remote employees (source: Gallup).

While we’re talking about fun and games here, the added benefit is close-knit teams have been shown to work better together and yield greater results. Consider hiring a team building company because the long-term benefits they bring to organizations are hard to ignore. Contact us at Grin Events today to learn more about our fully hosted virtual and in-person team building services.