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Building a Resilient Team

Building a Resilient Team

A resilient team drives business growth and profitability, can weather hardships and industry challenges more effectively, and support each other to complete projects efficiently. Here is how you can build a resilient team at your company.

Be A Role Model of Resilience

As a leader, you are expected to guide your team in the face of adversity and display resiliency. To do so effectively, you must first reflect on how you deal with workplace challenges of your own.

Find tactics to adapt your own thinking and behavior to changing environments and different challenges. Once you can meet challenges head-on and properly respond to new situations, it will be easier to model resilience and show your team how it’s done. Being in a leadership position also means that you should empower your team to be honest about the difficulties they face in order to swiftly resolve said issues.

Then consider how your team lends support to you and to each other – what do you need most in times of crisis, how can your team best offer assistance, and what can you do to strengthen their capabilities and teamwork?

Build a Support System

One of the most important factors when trying to develop resilience within a team is to build a strong support system. Employees who feel like their employer is on their side feel valued and this makes them more productive and loyal. As a leader, you need to be available to provide guidance and direction, but you should also focus on coaching self-sufficiency. When your staff is surrounded by reliable team members, they will feel safer, and they can bounce back more quickly in the face of challenges. One way of encouraging dependability is to grant your staff time for professional development, while another is to incorporate team bonding activities into your strategy. This also provides many opportunities for building trusting relationships with your team members.

Hybrid Team Building Services for In-Person and Remote Staff

If you notice that your team is having challenges functioning as a unit and handling difficult situations, it’s worthwhile to consider team connecting services. Oftentimes, light-hearted competitions such as game shows help staff members destress while encouraging collaboration. Hybrid team building services that connect in-office staff with remote workers offer events that focus on helping teams work through challenges more effectively and harmoniously. These services have both virtual and physical elements, with professional hosts conducting games and team bonding activities for employees present in-person and remotely.

Developing a strong, reliable team will take time as you coach, encourage, and connect your staff. Building resilience ensures your team can work their way through challenges and still be productive with no unnecessary delays. Take advantage of team bonding activities that can help promote resilience within your team – contact Grin Events today for in-person, virtual and hybrid team building services.