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Team Connecting

Grin Events San Diego | A group of people clapping in an office during team building activities.

The Evolution Of Team Building

Team Connecting the evolution of team building and our mission is to connect teams one smile at a time through professionally hosted fun and games.

Team building has been around since the 1920s, which explains why it feels outdated to many of us. We’re literally changing the name of the game, because it’s more important than ever to build meaningful connections … and that’s our specialty. 

Now that’s something to smile about!

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate or team building events, the choices can feel overwhelming. You’re looking for “something fun” or “something new” or “something unique” to do with your team, but aren’t sure where to start. Whether you’re planning an event for the first time or you have regularly scheduled ones, it can be a challenge to find the right activity for your team.

That’s why we specialize in one thing: having fun through games. We think it’s pretty simple, but powerful: playing games leads to team connection, team connection leads to a happy team, a happy team is more creative and productive, and this leads to a thriving company.

Grin Events San Diego | Grin Events Team brainstorming.

We're Experts In Fun

Learn how Grin Events can help connect your team through in-person events in our hometown of San Diego or virtually, perfect for your remote or hybrid teams.