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Team Connecting: The Evolution of Team Building

We’re changing the (team building) game

Team building…we can imagine the eyerolls. It’s been around since the 1920s which explains why it feels so outdated.

That’s why Grin Events developed Team Connecting – think of it like Team Building 2.0.

It’s more important than ever to build meaningful connections between your employees.

And that’s our specialty.

Grin Events lets your employees get to know each other in an easy, approachable way.

Why Team Connecting is Essential for Company Success

It’s no secret that companies with healthy, thriving cultures have happier employees—they’re able to retain them longer, solve problems faster, and have a better chance for success. 

Why Team Connecting is Essential for Company Success

Employees are the core of a healthy company culture, and quality work relationships are the number one factor when it comes to facilitating this. When employees are connected, good things happen – they are more likely to trust each other, bring authentic collaboration to the table, and stay loyal to your company’s mission. 

All of this equals increased productivity which can result in improved success. 

Team Connecting and Happier Employees

While Jack might be a dull boy, your workforce doesn’t have to be! Studies show play decreases stress, improves brain function, and stimulates creativity. To top it off, we know play is a great way to build connections with other people. 

Team Connecting and Happier Employees

That’s why Grin Events specializes in non-work, fun-filled events we host with humor and professionalism. We think it’s pretty simple – play leads to connection, connection leads to happier workers, and happier workers lead to a better company. 

Now that’s something to smile about.