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Virtual Team Connecting Services

Fun, Fully Hosted Virtual Team Building Activities

Grin Events takes traditional team building a step further with Team Connecting: fun, professionally hosted events designed to improve teamwork, productivity, and creativity. 

Virtual Team Connecting Services

We help strengthen connections and communication between your remote employees, which leads to a more cohesive, better functioning organization. Team Connecting services help companies of any size and industry thrive. Discover why our virtual team bonding methods are so effective and how your organization can benefit.

Enhance Productivity and Improve Communication

Maximize team productivity and performance thanks to enjoyable experiences that bond team members more closely and improve individual motivation.

Develop Meaningful Connections and Have Fun with Purpose

Our highest priority is creating a fun opportunity for your distributed workforce to overcome distance and barriers to connect with one another and have a great time while they bond.

Cultivate Staff Engagement and Camaraderie

Team Connecting is all about developing professional bonds and trust, which contributes to employee retention within a team-oriented company culture.

Boost Collaboration with Interactive Online Games

Our virtual games encourage collaborative-problem solving and friendly competition in order to boost morale and creativity while a relaxed, non-working environment helps stress fade away.

Warning: fun included

Invest in Your People with Interactive Online Team Building Games

Feeling disconnected from coworkers can impact the performance of remote teams anywhere. At Grin Events, it’s our job to facilitate employee engagement and team bonding in a way that fits your company’s culture and needs.

Our virtual Team Connecting events offer a chance for employees to laugh and compete without worrying about work, energizing them while helping them to better understand and recognize each other’s strengths. Cultivating and maintaining strong teams requires a foundation of trust and respect – let Grin Events help you build and strengthen those bonds through professional fun.

Our Team Connecting virtual game shows help your employees get to know one another and build meaningful connections that improve their approach to teamwork and company goals. So concentrate on running your business and allow Grin Events to plan and host your online team building event. 

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Learn more about our brand of professional fun events – explore our virtual game shows and ask us about customization options.

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Let’s discuss your goals, company culture, and availability so we can customize and schedule your event.

Relax and Have Fun

Enjoy a fully hosted experience that allows you and your team to connect, collaborate, and unwind.

Grin Events Online Team Building Games

Based on our versions of popular TV game shows, participants compete for “cash” prizes just like the real thing. These trivia-style games are fast-paced, easy to play, and just plain fun!

Our enthusiastic Grin Events Host will keep the group laughing, our Director makes sure everything runs smoothly, and our Greeters make sure everyone is having a great time with a personal touch. 

We can customize each game to your team or company – ask us for options!

Grin Events Online Team Building Games

Our Virtual Game Show Includes:

What Is The Price

We show you an item found on a popular eCommerce site and you guess the price. The closest one to the actual price, without going over, wins money for your team.

Wheel Of Prizes

After seeing the category, one letter appears at a time. The first person to buzz in and solve the puzzle, wins money for your team.

Friendly Feud

We surveyed 100 people, work with your teammates to come up with the top 5 answers to the question to earn money for your team.


Test your trivia and pop culture knowledge as you and your teammates work together to answer general knowledge as well as audio and visual questions.

In addition to our top games, we also offer:

Name That Tune

Be the first to name the song and artist. Earn bonus points for completing the lyrics and major bonus points for singing along.

How Virtual Game Shows Work

You concentrate on running your business. Let us bring the connection through fun!

  1. The whole company or department starts in one virtual “room.” 
  2. We briefly break the group into “rooms” to simulate water cooler conversations and game strategizing opportunities. 
  3. We bring the whole group together to engage in fun and games…literally.

This formula is guaranteed to connect your team from ear to ear!

Why Our Clients Keep Grinning

What our clients are saying ...

They brought such great energy and were able to engage an entire "room" full of people sheltering in place. The games were super fun and brought a lot of laughs.
Steve Long
Dome Construction
Professional, polished, thoroughly thought out, and a blast! It allowed us to have fun with the games but also catch up and work together in a fresh, fun way.
Amanda Lloyd
This is by far the most engaging and meaningful team building activity I have ever experienced.
Adnan Barqawi
This is the place to go for all of your team building needs!
Breanna King
Helix Electric

Need a fun way to fundraise for your organization or favorite cause?