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Virtual Team Building Activities

Grin Events San Diego | A group of people in a virtual video chat.

Virtually Hosted Fun & Games

Grin Events offers virtual team building services designed to improve teamwork, productivity, and creativity using video conferencing technology. With distributed workforces and remote employees, it’s more important than ever to build meaningful connections. We call it Team Connecting and our mission is to connect teams one smile at a time through professionally hosted virtual corporate events.

Virtual Game Show

The Virtual Game Show is our most popular virtual team building activity. Based on popular TV game shows, participants compete for “cash” prizes just like the real thing. These trivia-style games are fast-paced, easy to play, and loaded with fun! Our enthusiastic Host keeps the group laughing, our Director ensures everything runs smoothly, and our Greeters interact directly with each team to make sure everyone is having fun.

Grin Events San Diego | A screen shot featuring virtual team building services.

Virtual Game Night

Virtual Game Night is our most interactive virtual team building activity. It’s your favorite board game … without the board. Our high-energy hosts lead participants through multiple rounds of party-style games to maximize interactions between teammates and opponents. Teams compete head-to-head in private rooms with our staff guiding the way. The games are easy to learn, fun to play, and make your remote team feel like they’re sitting in the same room together.

Virtual In It To Win It

Adding physical activities to a virtual corporate event, will reenergize the group after a long day of meetings. Shipped directly to each virtual team member in our Tube O’ Fun (trademark pending, but not really) participants compete against each other in silly challenges using everyday objects. Participants are connected virtually, but the games are real … real silly.

Grin Events San Diego | A screen shot of a group of people engaging in virtual team building services through a video conference.
Grin Events San Diego | A virtual team participating in a video call for team building.

How Virtual Events Work

Team connecting virtually through fun and games looks like this:

  • We start with the whole company or department in one virtual room.
  • We divide the group into private rooms to play against each other.
  • We bring the whole group back together to repeat the fun.
  • The host creates the energy, the director runs a smooth event, and the rest of our staff interacts directly with each team.

The formula is guaranteed to connect your team and get them grinning from ear to ear!

Notes From Our Happy Clients (and Participants)

Want To Connect Through Fun in San Diego?