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Grin Events Connecting Teams One Smile At A Time

In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Team Building Services

In-Person Team Building

Virtual Team Building

From outdoor events to indoor fun, we’re here to connect your team one smile at a time in San Diego.

Our virtual events take remote and hybrid employees out of their day-to-day to get to know each other through the magic of play.

Connecting Teams One Smile At A Time

Grin Events is all about Team Connecting – no seriously, we actually coined the term ourselves. 

We believe the evolution of team building is more than personality tests and trust falls. 

We use fun to create meaningful social connections which lead to better-engaged workers, more collaborative teams, and an increase in overall productivity. 

Through customized, professionally hosted, in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, your employees get to know each other in a fun and comfortable environment. 

Word On The Street

They brought such great energy and were able to engage an entire "room" full of people sheltering in place. The games were super fun and brought a lot of laughs.
Steve Long
Dome Construction
Professional, polished, thoroughly thought out, and a blast! It allowed us to have fun with the games but also catch up and work together in a fresh, fun way.
Amanda Lloyd
This is by far the most engaging and meaningful team building activity I have ever experienced.
Adnan Barqawi
This is the place to go for all of your team building needs!
Breanna King
Helix Electric

Our Smiling Clients