Grins & Games: Changing Gears With In-Person Team Building

In-person team building is key for companies large and small, regardless of how long they’ve been in business or the types of products or services they offer. When employees bond with one another in meaningful ways, you’ll find that your company will improve in terms of staff productivity, engagement, and morale.

How can your employees meaningfully engage with one another in person in ways beyond serious work-focused interactions? Check out these fun activities that top team building companies recommend.

Connect Your Team with Beat-the-Clock Challenges

Corporate team building services advise organizations looking for employee bonding opportunities to try out beat-the-clock type challenges. Not only are they quick and fun, but team members must work together in order to finish a challenge within the allotted time. You can designate teams beforehand, such as choosing to divide the team members within or outside their department. When you split the teams by department, you can see how well the team members work with one another in a time-sensitive situation.

After participating in fun beat-the-clock challenges, you can ask your employees what they learned from the experience. Having team members share strengths and weaknesses after the connecting opportunity can help pinpoint ways you can improve employee communication and trust in the workplace.

Encourage Team Bonding with Game Night Fun

Another team bonding activity your company may love is a game night or afternoon. You can rent fun games such as Giant Jenga or Giant Connect 4 from a team building company, or you can have each employee bring a game or two. Having a professional emcee plan, host, and facilitate the event is often a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved and relax during the experience.

A fun, laid-back game night will give your employees an opportunity to get to know one another in a casual setting. Structuring the event around multiple games gives everyone the chance to get involved while avoiding stilted conversation common with poorly organized happy hours. Team-based games offer individuals the opportunity to communicate and develop problem-solving strategies with purpose, easing the burden of facilitating conversation. This allows people with all types of personalities to laugh, communicate, and have fun during the event.

Develop Team Connecting with Backyard Lawn Games

Backyard lawn game tournaments often make people feel competitive, but in the best way possible! Lawn games such as cornhole, bocce ball, and horseshoes are excellent games that will get team members on their feet and cheering one another on. The best team building companies will have an assortment of lawn games available for your organization’s use.

The goal of connecting team members through fun games is to encourage meaningful connections that last and are more enjoyable and long lasting than traditional team building efforts that can feel forced or stilted. Prioritizing employee bonding and team building through activities your staff will enjoy is one reason backyard lawn games are so successful.

For over 100 years, companies have recognized that team building activities can bring their employees closer together in meaningful ways that improve productivity. Consider these fun and competitive in-person team building ideas as you plan your company’s next in-person event. Contact us today at Grin Events if you’re interested in learning more about the power of investing in team connecting through fun.