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Are Your Corporate Events Fun or Filler?

There are countless options for corporate events designed for “team building,” but not all are created equal. The best and most-effective corporate events allow for what we call “Team Connecting” – our version of team building focused on creating connections between your employees.

Connection sounds easy to come by, but if it isn’t intentionally planned for, your corporate events most likely won’t build more meaningful relationships within your team and will just feel like “filler” events to check a box on your culture-building list.

Events like baseball games, happy hours, and scavenger hunts seem like they should automatically nurture connection, but most of the time, they fall short. Here’s why…

Taking The Easy Route With Baseball Games and Happy Hours

Many team building events are well-intentioned but don’t put enough thought into how to allow for interactions that bring people closer together. In fact, many companies opt for the easiest options when it comes to team building – those that require the least effort to plan. For example, a baseball game or happy hour doesn’t require much coordination besides securing tickets or a location but can miss the mark for encouraging deeper connections between people who might not interact day-to-day.

While baseball games are a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or evening with those you already know well, they are less effective as a team connecting activity. Seats tend to be in a line facing the field, there’s usually loud music, and, with differing levels of interest in the game, your team members will most likely end up only talking to those in the seats right next to them.

Happy hours tend to leave people right where they are, both literally and figuratively. Employees who are more socially extroverted and willing to move around will benefit most from the looser atmosphere a happy hour provides. Those who are more shy are more likely to stay in one place and only engage with people they already know well. There’s no impetus or structure to get out of their comfort zone, and these types of events might or might not be perceived as “fun.”

With both of these examples, there is a chance employees will feel unengaged and maybe even unimportant, which is in stark contrast to why companies might be throwing an event in the first place.

Scavenging for Connection

Scavenger hunts require more planning and provide a unique way to compete against your work colleagues, but even when done extremely well, don’t allow for interactions across departments or teams. Employees will spend the day racing around with the few other people on their team, and might not ever see another team, let alone get to chat, collaborate, or have fun with them. If you want to encourage small groups to get to know each other, this might be a great option, but if you’re looking for broader benefits across your entire department or organization, scavenger hunts might also feel disappointing.

So, if all the corporate events we discussed don’t help create connection, what’s the solution?

Having Fun Equals Connectedness, Higher Productivity, and Beyond

It’s not just Gen Z’ers who are focused on having a job they actually enjoy. Many studies reveal employees who have fun together are more connected and productive in multiple areas.

According to, creating a fun workplace:

  • Reduces employee absences
  • Improves employee production
  • Improves communication
  • Fosters collaboration
  • Promotes creativity
  • Improves motivation
  • Increases employee satisfaction
  • Improves employee task performance

Fun has an important role at your company, even if it’s not part of your core values.

We Make Fun Easy

We understand planning something “fun” with the added pressure of creating connection can feel daunting. That’s where Grin Events shines! We use games as the vehicle to usher in all the benefits of fun we just mentioned. And, our team connecting events engage all of your employees right where they are, no matter their personality type or proclivity to games.

We have a menu of professionally hosted games to choose from, including in-person and virtual options.

  • Game Show (virtual or in-person):
  • Leisure Games
  • Game Night
  • In it To Win it (virtual or in-person)
  • Field Day
  • Sand Castle Wars
  • Do-It-Yourself Events

Let Grin Events Foster the Fun

At Grin Events, we love helping businesses find ways to connect their employees through fun.

Contact us to get the fun started today.