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4 Benefits of Remote Team Building Activities

4 Benefits of Remote Team Building Activities

Today, many organizations have shifted from in-office to remote work – an adjustment that naturally comes with both advantages and complicating factors. While your company may have fully embraced remote working, have you thought about ways to keep employee interaction fun as they work from home? At the office, it was easier for you to organize team bonding activities for your team, but distributed workforces are left feeling isolated and lonely. Now, thankfully, some companies with expertise in team building have developed fun and engaging virtual programs for your remote employees. Here’s how these services can benefit your organization.

1. Virtual Team Building Activities Boost Productivity

While in the office, it’s easy for employees to feel they’re part of a team working together on  important organizational or departmental goals. However, camaraderie can be lost when everyone is working independently from their home. You’ll find some of your employees getting distracted sooner and falling short of meeting company goals. Even if your employees remain productive, they may get out of touch with your company’s culture and struggle feeling connected with their co-workers. 

Virtual events designed to aid coworker bonding can help restore and revive employee motivation and passion to keep them productive and positive. Such events boost communication and enhance problem-solving between coworkers, which in turn helps to increase productivity. Great corporate team building activities offer a fun spark that can rekindle your employees’ morale and efficiency.

2. Remote Team Building Events Boost Collaboration

Employees who have built strong relationships work, listen and communicate better with less conflict. Team members who virtually socialize with one another can also improve their productivity, as mentioned above. Working for the same company isn’t enough to create strong ties among team members. Establishing these connections must extend beyond professional work. 

Remote team building activities allow your employees to see other team members as more than just workmates. Like professional development, holding events that strengthen collaborative decision-making and nurture positive team experiences is a form of employee investment. By facilitating fun and interactive games, team building companies cultivate a cohesive environment that encourages employees to work together to solve challenges. This fosters collaboration by helping to build trust amongst your team members.

3.Team Bonding Activities Stimulate Creativity

In a strong team, members bounce ideas off of each other while readily accepting constructive criticism. This is how new ideas are born. Creative ideas may spark from in-team discussions and brainstorming or from conflicting opinions among team members. In a remote work location where there are no face-to-face, in-person meetings, imagination, and creativity may be forced to take a backseat. Additionally, without the shared bond of trust, fear of criticism or of hurting coworkers’ feelings can stifle ideas, honest feedback, and collaboration. However, remote team building activities can trigger creative ideas as members interact, share ideas, and trade light banter as they participate in the virtual game activities. This keeps coworkers refreshed, up-to-date, and in sync with other aspects beyond the work environment. Most of the time, creative and game-changing ideas come from observation and interaction.

4. Counter Loneliness Triggered By Social Isolation

Another one of the downsides of working remotely from home is people can feel lonely. Adjusting from a vibrant office environment to working remotely can trigger stress and loneliness in the most cheerful employees. This is especially true for workers who live alone and now lack the in-person interaction they shared with their colleagues in the office.

Remote team building ideas such as game nights (or afternoons) encourage your employees to interact beyond the professional working environment. Party-style games, competitive competitions, and team challenges allow your workers to let loose, interact outside of work meetings, and have some quality fun. Virtual team bonding activities enable team members to chat, catch up, and feel delighted in each other’s virtual company. This helps deter feelings of isolation among your employees.

With your employees working remotely, companies may struggle to find creative ways to keep them bonded and meaningfully engaged. The best way to do this is through virtual corporate team building events. A company’s greatest resource is its workforce, which makes investing in team cohesion and productivity a no-brainer. At Grin Events, we offer professional, humor-filled, remote team building events designed to help boost employee productivity, collaboration, and creativity. Contact us today to learn more about how our brand of team connecting can benefit your company!