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Grin Events San Diego | A group of people raising their hands in the air, embracing the new normal.

Why The New Normal Is Awesome

It’s September and by now, most of us have returned from summer vacations and our kids are back in school. Things in our post-ish COVID world are feeling more back to normal than they have in the last two years and we are learning to live in the strange space between not worrying about the pandemic at all and still keeping tabs on what new variants might arise.

Companies have either willingly or been forced to embrace the “new normal.” As we’ve shared previously, many employees do not want to return to the office full-time, some are yearning for face-to-face meetings, hallway conversations, and happy hours, and others are fully remote with no in-person options except for an occasional all-hands gathering.

More Choice = Happier Employees

One way the pandemic changed our work lives for good is it gave employees more choice. This was the lesson from the Great Resignation and why it’s an opportunity for companies to retain their best team players. Employers now know remote work can be productive and effective while still acknowledging the benefits of human, face-to-face interactions. Employers also benefit through a non-geographically restricted job pool with the prospect of remote workers.

This new blend of in-person, hybrid, and remote employees is actually a great thing for our workforce. Like the basis of our capitalist economy, more choice means healthy competition – employees know the job market is more competitive and employers know they can retain great employees by allowing them to choose when and how they work. People get more time with their families, spend less time commuting, and can improve their overall happiness, which we know carries over into our places of work and vice versa.

Intentionally Creating a Fun Culture

The downside to this mix of employees isn’t a downside at all: companies simply need to be more intentional than ever about connecting their team to create meaningful interactions where people get to learn more about each other. Since we can’t solely rely on meetings or lunches where we sit across from each other anymore, companies must solve for the various ways their teams work and associate with one another.

We’re happy to report this more human-centric approach to company cultures is becoming the norm. More and more leaders recognize we are people first and employees second. And they want to create cultures to help teams thrive, innovate, and make a lasting impact through their work.

At Grin Events, we know one of the most effective ways to do this is through fun – what we do best. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or virtually, allowing people to connect in a casual, non-work setting is key. We’ve even seen companies fly in their teams for events like 100-year celebrations and global team meetings.

We’ve seen the positive results over and over through the hundreds of events we’ve hosted for clients, and make it easy for them to plan purposeful fun.

Fun Can Be Easy

This new normal is good for everyone in the long run and we’re fully embracing it! It doesn’t have to be hard (or expensive). Whether you’re looking for a way to introduce fun to your team immediately or planning for the holidays, we’re here to help.

We offer a variety of outdoor activities such as Leisure Games and Field Day events, indoor fun such as Game Shows or In It to Win It competitions, and a virtual game show option held over Zoom so your hybrid or remote team can join in on the festivities.

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Contact us and tell us about your group.
  2. We’ll suggest an event type.
  3. We take care of the rest!