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Frequently Asked Questions

How Grin Gets the Smiles

How is Team Connecting different from team building?

The term “team building” is broad, overused, and often mislabeled. We like the term “Team Connecting” because we have a specific goal to connect participants, literally and figuratively. You already built your team; now, make sure they’re connecting with one another.

How many people can you accommodate in a virtual team building event?

One huge advantage of a virtual team building (or Team Connecting) event is there is no minimum or maximum number of participants. We are no longer constrained by physical space or proximity. Our “room” is the perfect size for small groups of a dozen participants from the same “office” or hundreds of participants from around the world. The “sweet spot” for most events is 25 to 75 participants, but we’ve hosted events with 300+!

How long is a remote team building event?

Our full virtual game show is 90 minutes, which includes 5 minutes for everyone to join and create teams, 80 minutes of games, and 5 minutes for an awards ceremony. If you don’t have 90 minutes, we customize a show to meet your schedule.

How do people participate in a virtual game show remotely?

We use the latest in video conferencing technology to bring everyone together and then we do our best to mimic an in-person event through regular interactions and connections from our staff. We have simple systems for buzzing in and collaborating with teammates to answer questions. The goal is to have fun even though we can’t be together in person!

Do you have a way to demo your virtual game show?

Yes! We love sharing what we do and would be happy to give you a demonstration. We also have this video to highlight how much fun we have.

Can virtual game shows work for charity events?

Yes! We can incorporate one or more charities into the remote game show. As you win virtual money, you and your team donate real money to charity.

Can virtual game shows work for fundraising events?

Yes! We developed the perfect system for your fundraising. Recruit sponsors to pay the flat fee for our services (or more) and charge participants to play. We highlight the sponsors to make them happy and you raise and keep 100% of the participation fees. Deliver food and beverages from a local restaurant to make it even more memorable. For more ideas on this, see our blog post on fundraising during the holidays (but you can apply this year-round). 

Can I get the virtual team building game show questions customized for my company?

Yes! Custom shows are a great way to incorporate your staff directly into the show. We pull content from a pre-event survey filled out by the participants to create questions and clues.

Do you host in-person events?

Yes! We live in San Diego and focus on companies working in or visiting our home town. To maximize the fun and minimize the expense, choose our local team to professionally host your next in-person event. Warning: fun included.

Do you host private party events?

Yes! We host all types of private events, typically from 15-50 people.