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DIY vs Calling In The Experts For Team Building

The Temptation of DIY

In our day-to-day lives, it can feel tempting to save money, learn new skills, and do things ourselves. There’s a sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with completing DIY projects, even if it’s assembling IKEA furniture successfully. (Hooray! No leftover screws!)

On the other hand, there are times when we start something and realize we’re in over our heads. Have you ever tried to fix a leaky toilet, rewire a chandelier, or paint your own house? Chances are, you ended up hiring an expert to take over and finish what you started. The reality is we can save time and money and end up with a better result when we hire an expert to begin with.

Relying on Outside Help

Many companies rely on outside advice and expertise for functions including legal, finance, auditing, marketing, and events. Businesses rely on this external help to supplement their internal team’s skill sets which allows the latter to focus on what they’re great at.

The same is true for Team Building, especially if you want fun involved!

Save Time (and Stress)

Most of our clients are event planners or executive administrative assistants assigned the task of planning a “fun corporate event.” In theory, this should be easy, but the reality is most people aren’t experts in executing fun team building events. They are experts in event planning, project management, administration, and more.

Experts like Grin Events allow our clients to spend more time and energy on their core responsibilities without the added pressure of taking on this extra assignment, especially one they might not have any experience with.

Additionally, we’ve seen clients begin the process of planning a DIY team building activity in an attempt to save a few dollars only to realize they were in over their heads. From not knowing where to procure event equipment to recognizing an emcee is needed to successfully run the team building exercises themselves, we’ve seen this DIY approach lead to wasted time and undue stress. Luckily, we’ve been able to come in and help offload the responsibilities associated with planning a fun corporate event.

After all, time is worth more than money and your team deserves a world-class, fun team building experience.

Calling In The Experts (In Fun)

We think about how to have fun 24/7 and espouse a value of excellence. Fun and quality don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There are a myriad of details we take care of when it comes to planning a fun, Team Connecting (our version of team building) event, such as making sure equipment is clean and in good shape, having a proper PA system, and making sure our emcee and event staff are high-energy and enthusiastic to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

We invest blood, sweat, and tears (but in a fun way) to make sure our events are professional and well-organized and create an amazing experience for everyone. This includes our clients!

We know our points of contact have many other tasks on their to-do lists, so we make working with us as seamless and easy as possible. We pride ourselves on being a company our clients can trust to pull off an A+ event and consult them along the way. We take care of set-up, tear-down, and everything in between so our clients can relax and have fun themselves during the event.

Don’t take our word for it – read our Google Reviews to see what others are saying.

A Case Study: DIY vs Hiring Experts

We recently worked with a vendor-partner whose client wanted to do something” big and fun” as part of an offsite team building event. Originally, our partner was going to organize this fun portion themselves but realized they didn’t have the skill sets to pull it off in the professional way they wanted and their client expected.

Instead, they called on Grin Events to host an in-person Game Show knowing it would save them from doing something out of their wheelhouse, would save them time, and would give the attendees a great experience.

And that’s exactly what happened. Our partner looked like a genius for hiring us and the client’s team raved about how much fun they had! 

How Easy Is It?

At Grin Events, we live to make pulling off a fun Team Connecting event as simple as possible for you. Whether you’re a DIY-kind of person or would rather rely on experts from the start, we’re here to fill in the gaps for your corporate event needs.

Contact us today to get started with our incredibly straightforward process. Here are three ways to get in touch:

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  3. Phone call: 619-972-4746