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Behind the Grins: The Importance of a Happy Team

Guess What? You Can Be Happy At Work

We’re in the fun-making, smile-inducing, team connecting business because we know employees can and should be happy at work. Yes, even remote or physical offices can be spaces full of uplifting energy – in fact, they might be the most important spaces since we spend so much time in them. It isn’t too pie in the sky to think it’s possible to do great work and enjoy yourself while doing it. As a bonus, psychologists believe being happy at work has multiple benefits.

“Being happy at work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster and enhances performance. People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, learn faster, and make fewer mistakes and better business decisions.”

Fun Starts Here

At Grin Events, this philosophy starts first and foremost with our own team. In addition to clients consistently commenting on how great our staff is, our people themselves report on how much fun they have during our events. This isn’t a coincidence. We are really picky about who we work with because we know our event participants feed off our good vibes. We purposefully emphasize the importance of creating a positive atmosphere that feels warm and welcoming. We train our team to roll with the punches and have fun regardless of the circumstances. As a result, we’ve formed a group of friendly, purveyors of fun who enjoy staffing our events as much as our clients enjoy attending them.

During a recent meeting, one of our staff members, Cait, shared this story which perfectly illustrates this point:

I love working for Grin Events. Last week we were training a new staff member on a virtual event. She was saying that she was in a terrible mood when we started, and just by observing the virtual game show, her mood completely turned around. I share this sentiment and always have a blast working at our events.

Positivity is Contagious

We often get to witness this type of dramatic, positive mood shift. Our staff’s enthusiasm and energy is contagious (in the best way), and our favorite events are the ones where everyone participating carries the torch to become purveyors of fun themselves.

Another teammate, Allie, shared this with us:

Working a Grin Event Game Show is a blast even for the staff. It is so great to witness people laughing and collaborating together on something that isn't work related. It's a pleasure to be able to work these events where participants connect from all over, improve their relationships, and get to know each other better on a more personal level. This applies to our team as well. With spending a majority of our time at work, this is important!

Raising the Bar on Team Building

The stellar quality of our staff is an important way we raise the bar on team building events. We know bringing our best selves to an event helps facilitate more than just fun – it often leads to a visible transformational experience for participants. Past stresses of the day are forgotten, good-feeling emotions are raised, and attitudes are improved. We’ve seen some of the most introverted participants open up, laugh, joke, and even sing or dance by the end of their time with us. This shift is nothing short of magic.

Catalyze Transformation Among Your Team

Interested in creating happier employees at your company?

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