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Popular Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Remote Event

Popular Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Remote Event

Virtual fundraising allows people from different physical locations to join together and support a worthy cause. If you’re in charge of an upcoming fundraising event for your organization, consider planning a virtual fundraiser with the help of a professional emcee and a company experienced in managing remote events.

Let’s delve into a few popular ideas for how you can structure your next remote fundraising event to help your organization raise needed funds to support your cause.

Virtual Game Shows

Virtual games shows are a fantastic way to kick off a remote fundraiser and entertain attendees. A quality remote team building company with professional planners and hosts can help put together a virtual game show. This allows individuals outside and within your organization to come together in a fun and exciting way while also encouraging donor participation. Your organization can host Tic-Tac-Toe, trivia, or even Family Feud- or Jeopardy-style games with the help of a game emcee from a reputable corporate team building company. Those taking part in the fundraiser can break into groups and answer questions to ultimately win the game. Your organization can have some unique prizes lined up to encourage engagement.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

It’s ideal for your virtual fundraiser to foster meaningful connections among the individuals who are attending the event. This is where virtual breakout rooms come in handy. You can assign groups at random or purposefully according to affinity and provide links so participants can easily access their virtual breakout room. Participants can meet those they don’t already know, engage in casual conversation, and talk about the good cause behind the fundraiser that has brought them together. Virtual team building services can also provide your organization with a list of talking points so the breakout rooms can be more structured.

Virtual Auctions

A remote team building company can also help organize a virtual auction for your fundraising event. Holding an auction is a great way to raise money for your organization or cause. Plus, it’s an opportunity to partner with local businesses and corporations that are willing to donate their money, time, and/or services as auction items. A professional emcee can serve as the host and auctioneer for this portion of the event, recognizing the generosity of local partners, facilitating the auction, landing jokes when needed and ensuring everyone in the hosting organization can relax and enjoy the event. All of the participants will have a blast raising money to support the organization’s mission in a fun but casual setting.

Virtual fundraisers and remote events are becoming more and more popular, and are very successful when paired with the help of excellent virtual team building services and advanced video meeting capabilities. If your organization is interested in holding a virtual fundraiser, contact Grin Events to learn more about our top-notch professional hosting and remote game show services.