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Raising The Bar (And Roof) On Virtual Team Building

Raising The Bar (And Roof) On Virtual Team Building

The Lowdown On A Low Bar

We’ve all had to adjust to the new normal—virtual meetings, classes, dates, and dinner parties. This is also the case for how we interact with our colleagues. In search of new ways to cultivate morale, you may have explored new team building opportunities. Even with professionally-led events, we’ve found that the bar is set incredibly low. Virtual team building events need to be short, energetic, interactive and should capture the attention of the Zoom-fatigued. Don’t settle for just okay when you know your team deserves better.

Here are things we’ve seen around the industry:

  • Low production value (graphics that look like they were created in 2005)
  • Not personalizing interactions with event attendees (only addressing the group as a whole)
  • Not creating more intimate connection times (Zoom has breakout rooms for a reason)
  • Requiring too much from participants (we’re all tired – attendees should just get to show up and have fun without having to do scavenger hunts, find costumes, or anything else that requires extra effort)

Enter: Grin Events. We’re redefining everything about team building, including this new virtual event reality we find ourselves in.

Setting A New Standard

We believe virtual events can be just as fun as in-person events (or even better). How is that possible? It’s as simple as hitting an easy button. Once you pick a date and time, we work hard to produce an exciting, high-quality event that will knock your socks off! When HBO Max called us, we knew we had to wow the production giants. Instead of recapping how it went, we’ll just let the client speak for themselves: “Professional, polished, thoroughly thought out, and a blast!” –Amanda, HBO Max

Down To The Last Detail

As experts in our field, we’ve found that it’s all in the details:
  • Music: The perfect soundtrack sets the mood.
  • Energy: Our hosts and greeters bring the good vibes with them.
  • Personalized: We craft events that are as unique as your team is.
  • Engaged: We make sure that everyone is having a good time.
  • Simple: All you have to do is show up to participate and enjoy the event.
Watch our virtual game show demo to see exactly how we deliver all this!

We Set A High Bar

When you’re ready, we’ll set up a 1-hour planning meeting to rundown the show with you. Our staff works tirelessly behind-the-scenes so you don’t have to. Ready to join the fun? Step this way. 

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