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5 Reasons Virtual Events are Here to Stay

Here at Grin Events, we are big believers in connection as a way to keep a workforce engaged, productive, and happy. When we first started offering Team Connecting events over seven years ago, we were 100% in-person and couldn’t imagine it any other way. 

Then the pandemic hit and we did a 180 to exclusively offer virtual events until it was safe to meet in person again. Once we experienced the ups and downs of getting to some semblance of our new normal, we were sure our in-person events would regain their spot as our number one product, but it turns out we were wrong. In fact, if you had asked us two years ago, we would have raged against the idea of how popular and effective virtual events can be, but today, we have a different perspective.

Here are five reasons virtual events are here to stay:

1) More people from more places can attend

The reality is that in-person events are limited by location and time. Conversely, remote events allow for audiences from different parts of the world who might otherwise not have been able to travel due to time or budget restrictions. And virtual events aren’t limited by venue space restrictions. You can have hundreds or thousands of people attend a virtual event at the same time.

2) Cost less to produce

In-person events are expensive – there are venue rental fees, food and beverage, audio/visual equipment, set-up and tear-down costs, and travel expenses. Virtual events, on the other hand, require some technology and staffing, but little else. 

3) Allow for different types of attendee interaction

While we know nothing can ever replace meeting someone face to face, we’ve found that remote meetings allow attendees to meet more people than they would if they were at a conference/event in real life. Innovative networking features, virtual breakout rooms, and chat give virtual attendees the opportunity to raise their hand, ask questions, meet others, and share what they’re learning in a low stakes, highly curated way.

 4) Less stressful for both  event planners and attendees

With options like pre-recording keynotes or other speakers, less vendors to coordinate, the ability to share documents/content virtually, and more, event planners can focus on content instead of logistics. Attendees too gain the benefits of not having to worry about travel, making connections, finding parking at a venue, and all the details that go into work travel. Virtual events are simply easier for everyone involved.

5) You can still have fun and get your message across

Having a host, playing live music, and engaging in a fun activity (like virtual game shows) can make remote team building an interactive, energetic experience. Weave in your company values or messages into the activity to make your event even more productive.

As you can see, virtual events have benefits beyond simply keeping us safe from COVID. While we never want to replace 100% of in-person events – we are still social beings by nature – we see the advantages of being able to use technology to gather remotely. 

We don’t want to brag, but we think we’re pretty darn good at this virtual event thing – from our virtual game show product to remote event consulting, we’ve been able to help hundreds of companies connect in meaningful ways through fun.

Give us just a few details here and we’ll show you how fun virtual events can be!