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The Ultimate Lemonade Stand for (Corporate) Summer Fun

We are a few weeks into summer – the sun is shining, kids are out of school, and people tend to be in better moods overall. That said, most of us don’t get to take three full months off, so still deal with day-to-day work and personal responsibilities.

It’s also two years into the pandemic and there’s still a lot of uncertainty about variants, boosters, and more. Add to this an ongoing war in Ukraine, talks of an upcoming recession, and more economic uncertainty, and you have a recipe for some sour feelings.

The good news – like the lemonade stands we see on neighborhood corners with bright-eyed, mini entrepreneurs behind their helm, we think making lemonade from the lemons in our lives can be easy if you have the right ingredients. Without trivializing the very real hardships people are facing, there is plenty of evidence about the benefits of focusing on the positive.

When it comes to teams and corporate culture during trying times, the same can be true. Companies can turn lemons into lemonade that fosters positive, lasting effects for their employees.

The key ingredient to transforming lemons into lemonade is sugar. As you know, a spoonful of sugar…wait, wrong analogy. Back to the business at hand…

The key ingredient for our Grin Events clients is F-U-N! We wholeheartedly believe in its power to uplift spirits and bring teams together in a way no other type of team building can.

And living in San Diego, there’s no better time to focus on fun than in the summer! Sun’s out, fun’s out, as we like to say!

Here is list of the items we serve at the Grin Events Lemonade Stand for summer fun:

1. Leisure Games

Whether you’re throwing a company picnic or simply getting your team outside for some Vitamin D, Grin Events organizes Leisure Games the whole team can enjoy. These backyard or beach games are easy to learn, fast-paced, and fun. Our team keeps everyone engaged and our unique format guarantees an organized and friendly competition for all abilities. 

2. Field Day

Your employees are never too old to compete in our field day relay races. They’ll practice their skills in individual relays and then compete for the grand prize as we combine all the relays into one chaotic finale! This event is perfect for “kids” of all ages and abilities.

3. Sandcastle Wars. 

Take advantage of our beautiful San Diego beaches and get your team outside where teams work together to build sandcastles, compete for flags to fly on their castle, and then defeat “enemies” by knocking over their flags. This truly unique event incorporates teamwork, creativity, competition, and lots of laughter.

We believe you should ALWAYS stop at a lemonade stand when you have an opportunity to support young entrepreneurs and put a smile on their faces (and yours). And remember, just one ingredient (like sugar or fun), can change something sour into something sweet! 

Stop by our lemonade stand today:

  1. Tell us the date, time, and number of participants
  2. We’ll help you choose the perfect activity and location
  3. Send out invites and we’ll bring the fun!