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Why Team Building Is Important in Business

Why Team Building Is Important in Business

Why Team Building Is Important in Business

Businesses have employees who come from a variety of different backgrounds, generations, upbringings, and lifestyles. A core purpose of team building is to unify groups such as these by allowing them to work together toward a common goal in a relaxed setting. This can be done through fun activities like in-person games and remote team building activities. In this article, we look at why team building is important for business success.

Improves Employee Communication

Communication is crucial to any employee relationship and also vital in the achievement of corporate goals. Effective communication fosters good working relationships between staff members, which in turn can improve morale and efficiency. However, achieving effective office communication is not easy without trust or mutual respect and understanding. Fortunately, team building activities put employees in fun and friendly situations, facilitating communication with each other in a relaxed setting.

Builds Team Member Relationships

Employee isolation is a common yet increasingly overlooked aspect of the workplace, especially with distributed workforces. Feelings of employee isolation can reduce productivity by as much as 21% (source: Gallup article). To avoid this, employees need to bond with one another outside of their traditional, everyday roles. Generating opportunities for coworkers to network and have fun builds trust and enables the growth of long-term professional relationships. Structured team building events facilitate bonding. This encourages employees to help one another overcome hurdles and achieve shared goals, proving to be beneficial for individuals and the organization at large.

Makes Employees Feel Valued

Over time, it’s easy for routine work to become monotonous and for employees to doubt the value of their contributions to the organization. This is contrary to what employees want: to be valued and be a part of something they can look forward to every day.

One of the many benefits of team building is that it helps remove boundaries and barriers that normal roles are structured around. Each individual’s contribution to the team is of equal value during an in-person or remote team building game. Such activities also show that the business is going out of its way to accommodate employees, their way of thinking, and their sense of belonging. Team building is a way of telling employees they matter in the business’s overall success.

Builds Trust Among Employees

According to a Harvard study, heart surgeons’ performance improved over time when they consistently worked with the same team – a team they trusted (source: Harvard Business Review). The same applies to business. Employees need to trust one another if they are to achieve cohesion. They must also trust that their team and the organization will support them in their work. Team building can help break barriers between employees by forcing them out of their comfort zone and placing them in situations where they have to trust one another to achieve team goals.

In order to effectively connect team members in the workplace, your company can use remote and in-person team building services, professionally hosted by a trained facilitator. If your organization could benefit from team connecting services, contact us at Grin Events today.