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Engage Your Employees with Fun Virtual Team Building Events

Engage Your Employees with Fun Virtual Team Building Events

Corporate team building services help teams develop better, stronger bonds, making them more effective at communicating and working with one another. If you’re not yet ready to commit to a professional team connecting event, there are some activities you can try out. Read on to see some ways in which you can excite and engage your employees outside of traditional work structures.

Invite A Surprise Guest

This can be a great way to breathe new life into your daily virtual meetings. Introducing a surprise guest at some point in the meeting can elevate team spirit. From standup comedians and singers to performance artists and industry trailblazers, you can invite a guest to join your meeting for a brief period and enliven the day. The team members may have the opportunity to ask the guest questions and have fun as they engage on a personal level.

Ask Each Team Member To Perform for One Minute

This is a fun activity reminiscent of being in a conventional office space. Here, each team member is asked to perform an activity of their choice to entertain the rest of the team. These activities can include poetry, magic tricks, karaoke, solving a Rubik’s cube, or a puzzle, to name a few. Just make sure you give the team members enough time to come up with something and offer potential alternatives for less outgoing employees.

Showcase The Art Your Employees Own

Need another way to shake up the regular workday and encourage employees to get to know one another better? This session involves asking all team members to present a selection of the artwork they have at their homes. Whether it’s a single art piece, a souvenir, or even a full collection that they have created over the years, it will be fun to see others’ items and share your own. During the presentation, each member can give a backstory for each piece or just share a sentimental thought that the piece inspires.

Share Funny Photos

Companies can also encourage laughter and storytelling with the sharing of funny photos. Ahead of the next online check-in, you can ask each employee to find a hilarious photo they’ve taken or of themselves, from any time. At the end of a regular virtual meeting, you can have team members display a funny image and give the backstory of the photo. This idea is sure to help teammates bond with one another over the sharing of stories and images.

Ideas such as these are fun ways to break the monotony of virtual team meetings and get employees more engaged with one another despite the distance between them.

When you’re ready to level up your game with a professionally hosted virtual team building event, we’d love to help. At Grin Events, we tailor our corporate team building services to your company’s culture and your team connecting goals. Our methods help connect your employees with each other to help your team improve exponentially, through fun virtual and in-person games. Contact us today to learn more.