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Grin Events San Diego | A fast food restaurant with a simple menu.

Team Building the “In-N-Out” Way

The team at Grin Events holds a deep belief that we are better with less technology and more human interaction. It’s why we focus on “Team Connecting” versus team building. We think it’s pretty simple – play leads to connection, connection leads to happier workers, and happier workers lead to a better company. 

When the pandemic hit and teams started working remotely, we started offering virtual ways to connect through fun and games. To be honest, we weren’t excited about this at first, but we realized how critical this sense of connection is for employee satisfaction and company culture health … and wow, we were having fun! 

It turned out to be great for our business and we felt honored to help so many remote teams connect through a very difficult time. These last two years have also forced us to clarify our niche and how we can best serve our corporate clients.

We never wanted to offer dozens of different services like most companies in our industry. In fact, we want to do the opposite and focus on a few things we do really well – just like our favorite fast food joint, In-N-Out. 

From its inception, In-N-Out has unapologetically done a few things very well: burgers, fries, and shakes. That’s it. There are a lot of customization options (especially if you know the secret menu), but if you want chicken tenders, onion rings, or a veggie burger, you need to go somewhere else. This focus has served their business well and is why there’s always a line around the block for their drive-thru. 

In a similar way, we purposely offer fewer services that we know we can do really well. We’re embracing the old adage of quality over quantity. Get in line!

So here is our In-N-Out menu of team connecting services.


#1 Virtual Events (the Grin Events Double-Double)

With distributed workforces and remote employees, it’s more important than ever to build meaningful connections between your employees. By taking teams out of their day to day routines and getting them to engage in something completely unrelated to work. Grin Events allows your employees to get to know each other in a fun and easy way. Our Virtual Game Show has been the most popular (and most fun) activity the last two years.

#2 In-Person Events (the Grin Events Cheeseburger)

We are San Diego natives focused on companies working in or visiting our home town. Maximize the fun and minimize the expense by hiring our local team to professionally host your next in-person event. 


  1. Game Show
  2. Game Night
  3. Leisure Games
  4. Sandcastle Wars
  5. Field Day
#3: Do It Yourself (the Grin Events Hamburger)

Level up the fun at your next event with games. Choose from giant games to be a “big” hit, LED games to make your party glow, or relax with traditional beach and lawn games. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day rentals available.

There you have it! 3 options.

Do you want onions with that?

Grin Events will customize the event according to your goals – and whether you like onions or not. We make it as easy as possible for you to pull off a fun, interactive event to bring your employees closer together through play and laughter. We’ll even make it animal style if you want!

Contact us to get a quote today.

Note: we are in no way affiliated with In-N-Out … but we’d really like to be. 🙂

“In-N-Out” by Chris Hunkeler is licensed under Creative Common License.