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How to Build Trust in a Team

How to Build Trust in a Team

Without trust and open communication, a team can’t function the way it should. When an employee has trust in their own abilities as well as in other team members’ capabilities, they’ll be able to get more work done with higher quality results. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best ways to build trust and encourage growth in your team.

Hold Space For Relationships to Grow

Besides dealing with cultural and generational differences in the workplace, there is also physical distance to overcome as workforces continue to remain remote. In situations such as these, it’s hard to trust a coworker when you aren’t sure what their abilities are or if you have never met them in person. Even if you’ve known your staff for a long time, a shift to mostly virtual interactions can leave many employees feeling disconnected from their fellow coworkers. As a manager, you should aim to create opportunities and activities that will allow your team’s interpersonal relationships to grow. This could mean inviting your team to a remote happy hour or opting for some virtual team building games.

Foster Open and Honest Communication

Trust can only exist where truth does. If anyone on your team isn’t being forthcoming or isn’t asking for help when they should, it can be hard to build trust. Even one staff member being unreliable or uncommunicative can impact the whole team. Managers and team leaders should model ideal behavior by being honest in the work environment when relaying vital information to the team and when giving direction and feedback. When you confront the sometimes uncomfortable truths of your job, it can help build a sense of trust and support in your team because everyone will know that they can share their own issues, struggles, and problems as well.

Leverage Team Building to Improve Connections

Team building activities have been around since the 1920s, so it’s no surprise there are many different options in the market. But nowadays, it’s more important to build personal connections than simply have a team participate in trust falls or unorganized happy hours that can fall flat. When it comes to looking for an in-person or virtual corporate team building service, Grin Events offers a variety of options. With games like What is the Price, where you guess the prices for items from popular online commerce sites, and Friendly Feud, where you try to guess the top answers to some fun questions, you can find fun ways to bring your team closer together with some friendly competition. With many companies balancing a mix of remote and in-office staff, Grin Events’ hybrid team building services offer a great solution to have a fun team connecting event in the office that remote workers can enjoy too, building those important relationships that lead to trust.

Whether your team has been together for just months or many years, it’s important to invest in team building games to help build employee trust. Whether you’re making sure to be as honest as the situation calls for or creating opportunities for your team to grow closer with online game nights, make sure you’re prioritizing connecting your team in your work environment. For more information about the corporate team building services that Grin Events offers, feel free to check out our service pages or get in contact with us today.